An heirloom? Not my heirloom.

Have you ever been in a thrift store and found a really dated piece of furniture and actually walked right past it?  That is exactly what I did with this one!  It wasn't until I made my second round that I actually saw it stuffed in the middle of some other things surrounding it.  I pulled it out for a better look.  The arm lifted up as a tugged it out.  That's ok just needs a little glue.  The fabric color screamed 1980s and the shape was iffy to me.  But it was on casters that I thought was brass another indication of the 80s.  So I have really been looking for an upholstered piece to paint because it has been a minute since I have done any upholstery painting.  I thought this is a good prospect because the material was in good shape.  So I pay my $29.99 fo it and load it up!  Bring home and ir has sat for a few weeks.  

After thinking about it for a while I thought I would paint frame and recover it instead of painting!  I imagine something bright and floral and fun!  May not match anything but it needs life!! 

Today I decided to start taking it apart to get it ready to clean, clue and prep for her makeover!!  This piece I still thought was from the eighties.  Lol 

I gather my tools.  Neddlenose plyers and a flathead screwdriver.  Put it up on sawhorses so I can reach better and start to rip the material away.  Looks good so far. Batting is clean and good shape, had probably been recovered a couple of times before.  So I get down to the final layer of cover and discover thr springs still feel intact when I push down on it.  And as I inspect closly I see that it is stuffed with horse hair!!!


Omgeee!!  That dates this thing older than I thought!  I am getting all geddy and tickled and lost in the thought of how our ancestors used EVERYTHING and how ingenious it was to stuff furnitue with animal hair!!  Everyone knows I am an antique geek and this makea me happy.  Brings back memories of my Great Uncle Joe, the most eccentric man that ever existed in our family.  And the person I learned the most from about antiques!  Which may have not been alot but enough to get me going on a life long lesson. 


I turn the settee over to instect the underbelly and remove the liner that was hanging in spots.  That's when I see the little wheels up close and find tbey are not brass at all!  But wood!! I was tickled again!!  

And more nostalgic thoughts crossed my mind of the purpose of the little wheels on parlor pieces.  How clever it was to only add to the front legs to make moving the piece easy by lifting the back side just a little to roll the chair to round the room.  Maybe by a window in the summer heat or closer to the fireplace in the winter.  Thinking to myself the previous owners didn't know this and thats why the arms need gluing now!!  Lol

 I am done for the day on this little jewel. It took me about an hour and a half to pull the material and staples off. It clraned up good so far.  

So she is not my family heirloom.  She was someone's family heirloom and ended up in a thrift store hoping to be rescued and renewed and part of a family again!!  

Stay tuned for progress!!  

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